Of Vines and Men

Welcome to the Jungle

We've got lame titles

This is a story of four adventurers tied together for personal reasons to seek fortune, glory and whatever else may suit their fancy. In their midst is Perihelion, the tiefling sorcerer in search of something, Sho Abarne, the half-elf bard on the run from his troubles, J.P. Loxum, the gnome ranger seeking out a long lost mentor and lastly Nira, the tiefling cleric troubled by her deity. They have found themselves in the Bloody Hamlet, a mining town renowned for its great wealth, but notorious for the harsh cruelty of its surroundings. Men find vast riches or death in this place. After arriving in the hamlet, the party decided to scope out the local activity, with Perihelion and Sho visiting the local bar to talk to the locales, while J.P. scouted out the local wildlife. At the bar, Perihelion learned of a missing cartographer employed by a nearby baron from his grieving widow while J.P. offered gold for information about the mining operation, scaring one of the locals to the point of passing out in a puddle of his own urine. Nira and J.P. decided to join the fray and Nira expressed her frustration towards Sho for bringing them all to this forsaken place. Finally, Sho was able to use his wealth to great effect by helping a malnourished waif in exchange for directions to the foreman of the nearby mine. As they ventured out into the woods towards the mine, the party disturbed huge insect mounds and were forced to battle an enormous undulating mass of beetles. The party survived, but the waif was a sad victim to the carnage. Distraught by their loss, the team decided to forgo their pursuit in hopes of finding the missing cartographer and learning more about what his mission was in the area. After some searching, the team followed the trail of the cartographer to a trap door recessed inside a mound and that is where we leave our story for today. -JM



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